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vital123 hello Dear gentleman

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hello Dear gentleman

Sa description
40 ans
France / Rhône-Alpes

Taille : 165 cm
Poids : 57 kg
Couleur des yeux : Noir
Couleur des cheveux : Autre
Longueur des cheveux : Mi-long
Silhouette : Normal

Dear gentleman, I am a lady origine from hongkong and I live in France since several years. Strongly desire to have a kid and regretted not having for some reasons (which you will certainly know if you are the right one). I wish to meet this important person through a nature way, and to fulfill this decision together .I am definitely healthy in physical and in mind, and I hope you do so . If you don’t mind to have a beauful Asian-europe mixed baby , please get in touch . NB : I can totally understand the French conversation, don’t worry for the communication . I prefer writing in English because it is more comfortable. And I only hope you have basic English to enjoy the foreign culture with the future angel.

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